5 Sprinting Workouts You Can Apply Today

Sprinting workoutsSprinting workouts are routines to help you run short distances at a very fast or top speed. As opposed to jogging and running workouts, sprinting workouts aim to develop more of the sprinter’s explosive power, so that they can reach fast speeds at a very short time, whereas joggers or runners need to develop endurance and strength to make it to the end of the line.

There are several sprinting workouts one could readily apply to their schedule. These workouts aim to improve one or two aspects of sprinting at a time, so one has to choose which one they would like to develop and focus on that workout in order to improve that aspect.

Sprinting workouts for beginners

Beginner sprinters have to follow a regular workout routine for their bodies to cope up with the changes. Beginners need to start a progressive program starting from brisk walking, to jogging, running and then sprinting. Sprinters also need to watch for cramps, pain and injuries since they are still inexperienced and a good number of warm up and stretching exercise as well as staying hydrated would reduce the risk of any sprinting injuries. You can start doing 30 minutes of brisk walking, followed by jogging with quick running breaks. After you’ve gotten comfortable with this pattern, you can move it up a notch and replace walking with jogging and running with sprinting.

Sprinting workouts for speed

Sprinting workouts that aim to develop speed must also follow a fast, repetitive pattern. Sprinters should practice the proper sprinting posture; with the body tall and erect, you would have to run using the balls of the feet with high knee drive and an extended back leg. You can follow several workouts that span over different distances. The aim is to repeatedly sprint over a short distance at full or near full speed, with breaks in between.

100 meter sprinting workouts

Sprinting workouts for 100m sprints are very important, since they are usually used at races or track and field events. Sprinters who would like to work out for 100 meter sprints need to develop strength, endurance, speed and technique. Interval training is best for enhancing all of these traits. One should start out doing a 400m sprint, followed by a 400, a 100 and so on. The goal is to get to a top speed until the end of the finish line, without slowing down.

400 meter sprinting workouts

Workouts for 400m sprints are very different from 100m sprints. One needs to develop and maintain his or her sprinting speed or pace in a 400 m sprint, so that he doesn’t slow down in the middle of a race. Repetitive sprint workouts are great for developing the areas needed for this field. One must work on finding and maintaining his (her) top speed while running the 400m course. You can start running for the first 10m and work your speed up until the end of the course.

Sprinting workouts for losing weight

Sprinting workouts that aim for weight loss need to develop a changing rhythm. Although sprinting at really high speeds helps a lot in losing weight, too much strain on the body is not entirely good.  You can start by including a few sprints after a steady or less intense activity and gradually increasing the dosage of sprints as you go along.

So are you considering sprinting workouts

Sprinting take time and patience for one to fully improve. It is also important to seek the advice of someone who is experienced in sprinting workouts and to never over do or put too much strain on the body.

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